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Water Jet

Are you searching for a time-honored manufacturer for water jet blanks, supplementary metal production and the follow-up of these parts; a company, which understands its artisanship and guarantees to deliver you amazing results? Then at King Nestle, you have come to the right place! For about 10 years, we have continued to develop and delight our customers with our ever-growing innovative possibilities and solutions.

At King Nestle, we take modest pride to mention the fact that we utilize innovative techniques and machines to stay ahead of our competitors. Choosing us, there are now invariably no wishes or goals that we do not meet.

Regardless of the work you are entrusted with, our work in two to three shifts, which is almost round the clock, makes us stand out for the reliable adherence to deadlines and excellent manufacturing.

Waterjet Cutting: Low Cost and High Quality

One of our services is water jet cutting. At a relatively low cost, this type of material separation is a real all-rounder! As a result of the fine process, virtually all materials can be cut up to 4,000 bar. Choosing us, up to six nozzles per system ensure the low-priced production of every preferred quantity.

Our company name stands for delivering particularly high-quality water jet cutting: the equipment with a pipe module enables us to competently process round and square tubes.

3D waterjet cutting? We have the technical know-how!

Would you like to know the advantages of oblique contours without milling? Then hire us to utilize the method of 3D waterjet cutting at our end at the best affordable price rates in the industry. Whether abrasive or with pure water, we use our facilities for various requirements as well as materials - waterjet cutting allows detailed work on aluminum , stainless steel, glass fiber, plastics and many other materials. Therefore, if you need 3D geometries with circumferentially different slopes, you would like to introduce breakthroughs in the clotting base, you would like to cut the cutouts into pipes or use parts for agitators, you will find your right partner with us!

Convince yourself for our first-class work and contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions about our services.

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