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Lightweight Quartz Honeycomb Panels

Lightweight Quartz Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Lightweight Quartz Honeycomb Panels

Shiny, sparkling quartz can add an amazingly special touch to any construction project, no matter whether inside or outdoors, and with King Nestle International Co. LTD 's lightweight quartz honeycomb panels, you can create the same look anywhere you can conceive. While they may weigh about 80% less than solid stone, these panels are actually made of environmentally friendly quartz veneer that is around 3-5mm in thickness. By utilizing real stone, we can ensure that seamless look in any state of affairs, but with many extra benefits of solid quartz.

Technical Infomation

The lightweight quartz honeycomb panels are constructed of two distinct parts; first, the stone veneer that is then glued to an aluminum panel with a hollow honeycomb design enables it to be both flexible and remarkably strong. The aluminum is also a great way to make the panels opposed to fire and corrosion, while also able to deal with the strongest winds and hold out cracking even in the face of an earthquake. The unique design of these lightweight quartz honeycomb panels and the fact that King Nestle International Co. LTD both designs and manufactures the custom panels also directs to the fact that they are also a great value for both the homeowner and builder.

Benefits of Lightweight Quartz Honeycomb Panels King Nestle International Co. LTD Provides

Our lightweight quartz honeycomb panels are just the ticket for virtually any application, since installation is easy and clear-cut; plus, we always deliver thorough, and simple to follow instructions. You can choose your preferred size and then choose from a vast spectrum of colors and styles of quartz to ensure the panels fit any type of design.

We take pride on ourselves for having built up a reputation for delivering excellent workmanship, quality products and affordable price rates. Also, our team of seasoned technicians and engineers will customize the design and provide blueprints to you price rates that are no-brainer, so you can make sure our panels are the thing for you. By dealing with a handful of issues using stone and replacing it with sophisticated, state-of-the-art finest materials, we can deliver wonderful value that goes above and transcend our affordability.

Our products give the appearance of real stones to extend the magnificence and the cost of any property and are also designed to last long. Being impact proof, shatter proof and so forth, they can take a pounding and keep on looking their best, so you will not have to panic about costly replacements. In a nutshell, King Nestle International's lightweight quartz honeycomb panels are the ideal choice for long lasting, strapping natural stone products that only weigh a tiny fraction of solid rock.

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