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Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels

Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels

Limestone is among the most popular lightweight stone panels that have been utilized as a great building stuff. The lineament of the stone is its gorgeous, low-key nature that injects an amazing touch to any construction project. Unfortunately, however, as with a variety of lightweight stones, limestone is both extremely weighty and astoundingly flimsy to work with. In fact, King Nestle International is a time-honored name in the stone industry. Over the years, we have earned a rock-hard reputation for carrying a range of fantabulous lightweight limestone honeycomb panels; you can put together the exclusive look of natural limestone with the world-class strength, flexibility and durability of our one-of-a-kind aluminum or fiberglass honeycomb backing panel to get a panel that weighs just only a fraction of real stone and typically lasts much longer.

Specifications of King Nestle International Co. LTD 's Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels

If you are looking to get that pristine natural stone look, we at King Nestle International can meet your need excellently, as our lightweight limestone honeycomb panels exclusively utilize the best in natural limestone. We hand pick our entire lightweight stones that par excellence in terms of quality and attraction, which we then specifically cut into veneer between 3-5mm thick.

Our prized aluminum backing panel utilizes the state-of-the-art honeycomb technology to manufacture one of the lightest weight and the most robust stuffs known to man. Using a fiberglass or aluminum panel whose thickness ranges from 13 to 18mm, we create a structure that is wonderfully light and flexible, facilitating hassle-free installation.

To create the first-rate lightweight limestone honeycomb panels, we first take the honeycomb panel and apply a fiber reinforced epoxy skin to both sides to make it all the way waterproof and opposed to rusting. We subsequently make use of an astronautic grade epoxy resin to attach the limestone veneer to the honeycomb panel under extreme heat and pressure.

We also coat the complete panel with PVF2, a fluorocarbon polymer that safeguards the color of the stone and makes it resistant to discoloration, tint or fading. It also makes them resistant to corroding and is able to last in all types of climate.

The panels have the complete thickness of 20 or 25mm and are available in any size up to 4'x8', as we design and cut each piece to order.

Benefits of Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels

In addition to providing the look of real stone in a panel that weighs much less, these panels are also:

  • Resistant to cracking, chipping, impacts, etc.
  • Rust and waterproof
  • Able to endure temperatures between -40 and 150°C
  • Able to bend, expand or contract to prevent damage
  • Extremely wind resistant

Product Applications

These awe-inspiring stone panels are just the ticket for any type of exterior or interior cladding. King Nestle Company has carried out a range of construction projects from all over the world to enable architects, designers and construction companies to utilize stone in a completely new way. So do not touch base with us to learn more about the endless possibilities of our lightweight stone panels.

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