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Lightweight Granite Honeycomb Panels

Lightweight Granite Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Lightweight Granite Honeycomb Panels

King Nestle Company's lightweight granite honeycomb panels are constructed employing the first-rate quality, industrial grade materials that put together a thin stone veneer on top of a fiberglass or aluminum support structure to give out world-class strength and longevity and 80% less weight than conventional solid stone. These stylish granite panels offer second-to-none value; also, they appear exactly tantamount to the real thing, while being able to weather and have great durability.

As we design and build these lightweight granite honeycomb panels in our own in China, we can work with almost any specification or requirement, making our panels just the ticket for a vast range of interior and exterior applications. They offer supreme beauty, structural strength, plus their insulation factor makes them much more eco-friendly than solid stone.

The benefits of using Honeycomb granite panels:

  • Lightweight and trouble-free to install
  • Corrosion, rust and weather resistant
  • Uses authentic, handsome stone for that naturally attractive look
  • Add less weight to existing structures and don't require as much support
  • They have a fashionable touch of natural stone for more attractiveness
  • Popular on yachts and other marine applications

King Nestle International Co. LTD 's lightweight honeycomb granite panels unique design allows them to move and shift with structures, so they can not only stand up to strong winds, but even earthquakes and hurricanes. They can also trim down total construction costs and time, as they can be installed straight over the original cladding, so there is no need for costly demolition or structural strengtheners.

How King Nestle International Enhances Value?

As a dependable name in the stone industry, offering the superlative quality natural granite and other stone that money can purchase, King Nestle International will work with you to provide superior lightweight panels that perfectly fit your requirements. We have marked a record in the industry for setting up an unmatched reputation in the industry by using state-of-the-art machinery, plus a team of veteran technicians and engineers and we can deal with multiple, high-end products and still deliver on timely. In addition to that, we can cut and put customize panels as per the exact size to save you time and money.

Advantages to Home Buyers and Construction Companies

King Nestle International Co. LTD offers free of cost designs and initiatives to ensure the products are the ticket before we embark on a project; we are flexible and can even make changes at the last minute. We offer hassle-free instructions to make installation an ease of use process. Our lightweight granite honeycomb panels help cut down costs by giving you extraordinary looking stone at great prices, adding maximum value to the home and the construction project. We can ship all over the world and are invariably available for instant and hassle-free communication via phone, email or fax. So get in touch with King Nestle International Co. LTD today to ensure how we can aid you achieve that world-class stone look.

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