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Cleaning and Maintaining Wall and Floor Tiles

Cleaning and Maintaining Wall and Floor Tiles Dec 06 ,2017 Tags : Natural Stone , Granite Tiles , Translucent Stone Panels , Honeycomb wall panels , Marble wall panels , Stone veneer panels , Faux stone wall panels , 

Cleaning natural stonewall and floor tile panels periodically is a must

Cleaning wall and floor tiles is important in order to keep them looking good and staying clean and fresh; very often homeowners are aware of the areas in bathrooms or kitchens where some wall tiles are discolored. This typically takes place in areas where the cooker is situated and areas where wall tiles are located in a busy area. The wall tiles will become stained and discolored naturally over time and regular cleaning and maintenance is required in order to keep them free from grease and grime.

Always choose the best tile cleaners

The material of tile is also important whilst there are some really good tile cleaners available on the market, so homeowners have to be careful not to use any tile cleaners or substances that may damage the tile further. Many of the natural stone tile varieties are susceptible to many tile cleaners and some natural lightweight stone panels do not work well with acid-based products or products that contain harsh chemicals.

Natural stonewall and floor tile should always be sealed

Natural stonewall tiles and floor tiles should always be sealed in order to protect them from any damage and the sealant provides a barrier between the tile and any substance spilt on the tile. Any substance can then be wiped clean without damaging the tile ensuring that each tile retains its appearance and quality. Natural stone panels tiles whether they are floor tiles and wall tiles need to be resealed after a certain period of time, usually 2-5 years and if this is not done, homeowners run the risk of substances being able to penetrate the tile and damage it.

The right procedure to clean natural stone wall panels and floor tiles

Many natural stone wall and floor tiles can be cleaned very easily provided you follow certain procedures, very often neutral tile cleaners or warm water are often sufficient to clean and grease or substances that have built up on the tile. Always ensure that you clean away any dirt before applying tile cleaners or water, this ensures that further dust and dirt is not rubbed further into the tile.

Final Points

Wall tiles are sometimes a little harder and are more challenging to clean than floor tiles because very often they have more designs and patterns; some wall tiles may have ridges and patterns that make cleaning them difficult. Homeowners will also discover that the grout will also become discolored over time and make the wall tiles look unsightly. Homeowners should establish the tile material they have first and select a tile cleaner that is suitable ensuring they follow all guidelines carefully. A small clean toothbrush is a simple concept but very often effective at getting in between tile ridges and patterns. All wall tiles should be rinsed thoroughly to ensure a residue is not left on the wall tiles. Regular cleaning and maintenance of wall tiles is paramount to ensure they stay looking clean and fresh and if homeowners take the time to clean after use, wall and floor tiles will last the test of time.

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