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Aluminum Honeycomb Column Panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Column Panels - King Nestle

Aluminum Honeycomb Column Panels

Stone columns are catchy, stylish and can last for centuries, but sorry to say most people could never have enough money to buy a solid marble or granite column, irrespective of how much they guess it would add to their residential or commercial construction project. However, you can now ensure to get that similar look and terrific lasting power with these spectacular aluminum honeycomb column panels. With a range of sized panels available for use as cladding on both straight and curved columns, you can eventually get that stunning stone column look in a much more reasonably priced, lighter version that still looks like the real thing.

Aluminum Honeycomb Column Panel Characteristics

To achieve the same look as natural stone, we put actual pieces of thin stone veneer into use that we hand pick to make sure that it is invariably arresting and are of the best possible quality. Our aluminum honeycomb column panels are accessible in a vast range of stone and color selections, plus a variety of finishes so you can create whatever look you desire. Our exclusive line and options make fitting the color of existing stone much more feasibly than with other products, so we can readily help you create stylish stone columns that flawlessly blend and blend in with any existing structure.

Although our aluminum honeycomb column panels are amazingly lightweight and thin (between 20-25mm total), their state-of-the-art design makes them unbelievably powerful and able to deal with amazing stress and strain without fissuring. That is because the veneer is adhered to an aluminum backing panel that is made out of aluminum foil which is folded into a hollow honeycomb pattern, which is subsequently coated by thin pieces of sheet aluminum. To conclude, after the two pieces are combined together, everything is covered with defensive chemicals to keep the stone looking its best and the complete panel from corroding or rusting by making it all the way waterproof.

Benefits of Aluminum Honeycomb Column Panels:

With King Nestle International Co. LTD 's aluminum honeycomb column panels, you can get stylish stone flat or curved columns that offer many advantages over trying to use solid stone, such as-

  • • Decreased installation time
  • • Not nearly as fragile
  • • Lightweight and can easily be handled even at heights
  • • Flexible and can move to avoid being damaged by wind, even earthquakes
  • • Fire resistant
  • • Waterproof to resist rust or corrosion
  • • Available in granite, limestone , onyx, marble, slate and more

When you purchase aluminum honeycomb column panels from King Nestle International Co. LTD , you will be getting product that utilizes only the best, industrial and aeronautic grade materials, all of which are backed up by our dedication to customer service and brilliance. So contact us today if you are looking for a reasonably priced stone column panel system that is both attractive and handy.

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