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About  Us

King Nestle International Co. LTD.

At King Nestle International Co. LTD., we are a longtime specialist in manufacturing a range of lightweight, durable finished stone panels and products for residential and commercial uses.

We are today at the vanguard of utilizing state-of-the-art, lightweight aluminum honeycomb technology, which was originally targeted for use in rockets and spaceships, and today at King Nestle International Co. Ltd, we are able to design the lightest, down-the-line stone panel systems around. By bringing pieces of a thin, natural stone veneer into use, we are able to deliver that awe-inspiring, refined stone look that customers appreciate and sing the praises of, but in a product that far outshines all others.

We choose our every stone in our compilation to ensure that they are attractive and are of the best quality; we offer a vast range of stone variety ranging from marble, granite, and onyx to slate, sandstone, limestone and more. King Nestle International Co. LTD also works with artificial, specifically engineered quartz and porcelain stuffs that are eco-friendly and appear beyond compare.

Our Dyed-in-the-wool Design and Production Facility

Our lightweight stone panel systems, flooring, countertops and other products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our dyed-in-the-wool factory in China by seasoned technicians using state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture stunning stone products that are absolutely one of a kind.

As we do all the work ourselves, we can always process any products and cut them to your specific requirements. Our facility is large enough to complete many large orders at once, all while still paying close attention to detail and adhering to strict time schedules. Another benefit of doing everything ourselves is that it allows us to offer our customers with very competitive pricing, especially when it comes to large scale projects.

King Nestle International Co. LTD has a long, established reputation for excellence in workmanship and customer service, and our skilled engineers and technicians take pride in sharing their fabrication know-how with our clients. WE chiefly focus on creating masterpiece stone pieces, panels and products that exceed the expectations of our clients and are guaranteed to withstand the elements.

On the stint of our being in the industry, we have carried out a range of large-scale projects to deliver sumptuous and first-rate stone solutions for both interior and exterior needs. Our masterwork has led us to win a range of awards and international recognition. We are at the disposal to demonstrate you simply how easy working with stone can be and have the repertoire to achieve your needs and furnish you with quality natural stone solutions that actually work.

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