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Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels

Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels

The unique marble stone, known for its superb classiness and appeal since the time of Ancient Rome, can actually turn around the setting of any room by injecting striking finesses, attraction and sophistication. Installing lightweight marble wall panels, you can ensure getting that same appearance with increased tensile strength and durability only at a fraction of the weight of solid stone.

The honeycomb design imprinted on these panels facilitates installation less complicated and the number of potential applications is almost incomparable. Apart from your regular tables and countertops, these lightweight marble honeycomb panels also make awe-inspiring, durable interior and exterior cladding—even soffits. While the solid marble stone veneer panels may appear tantamount to solid stone on the outside, the aluminum composite panels, brick veneer panels and sandstone cladding panels underneath it are incredibly hard-wearing, both rust and fire resistant, and can meet head-on the weather and elements; offering that million dollar appearance and feel, and so much more.

  • • We stock marble honeycomb panels with thicknesses ranging from /8", ½" and 5/8".
  • • The processing slabs with the largest size are 120" x 60".
  • • The epoxy we use to stick the stone is UV resistance.
  • • We can fashion 2 honeycomb slabs out of a 3 cm thick slab.

Also, we are ready to lend a helping hand to you when it comes to choosing your material nationwide. This enables you to choose from a range of marble, granite or onyx slabs available in the market to put together your lightweight panels from. In most cases, we can fabricate 2 lightweight panels from one 3 cm slab.

  • • Available in a wide spectrum of colors and awe-inspiring finishes.
  • • Appear like real marble since that is what they are
  • • Much easier and safer to install, even overhead or high in the air
  • • Resistant to fleecing, making them just right for earthquake zones
  • • Customizable and built to order

Benefits of Our Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels

  • • Abridged costs related to procuring extraordinary stone stuffs for our clients
  • • In-depth design initiatives available upon request at no charge
  • • We can deal with all jobs from big to small, delivering enhanced output and maximum value
  • • Great discounts available, specifically on larger orders
  • • Custom-made design and production; marble panels tailored as per your needs

How King Nestle Company Gives Value to Construction

At King Nestle Company, we give a top priority to the need for second-to-none communication in business relations, and we will make endeavors to understand and deal with your needs and it will not stop until you are satisfied. Our manufacturers have the competence of working on a range of large products at a time and offers maximum turnaround times without compromising the quality of our completed lightweight marble honeycomb panels.

Our work party consisted of engineers and technicians will deal with your orders and construct your panels utilizing the superlative equipment available. Also, we can invariably offer comprehensive conceptual and machining CAD blueprints for each of our product.

With a range of panels available in a number of stones and finishes, King Nestle Company can deliver you brilliant building solutions that you are searching for. To get in touch with us or place an order, give us a call at 8182757975.

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