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Lightweight Brick Honeycomb Panels

Lightweight Brick Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Lightweight Brick Honeycomb Panels

Apart from dealing in natural stones, King Nestle International Co. LTD offers a range of more eco-friendly materials such as natural stone, porcelain, and our recent product—lightweight brick honeycomb panels. These patent pending honeycomb wall panels still deliver you the same exciting look as real brick, but with a much facile installation process and without all the hassles.

Benefits of King Nestle International Co. LTD's Lightweight Brick Honeycomb Panels

Brick has been in usage for a long time as a result of the remarkable, classic look it offers. However, laying the mortar and having to set up in brick by brick can consume a long time and prove rather expensive, particularly in large-scale applications. With this in mind, King Nestle International Co. LTD sought to design a way to offer the aesthetic appeal of brick in a lighter, easier to set up product, resulting in our lightweight brick honeycomb panels (patent pending).

By taking thin pieces of a real, solid brick veneer panels and laying it over the top of our unique aluminum or fiberglass honeycomb structure; we at King Nestle International Co. LTD designed a panel that is able to deal with virtually anything and can be set up in minutes rather than days or even weeks. The honeycomb panel was fundamentally developed for use in space programs and has since been customized to design one of the well-built, lightest weight building stuffs man has discovered.

By taking real brick veneer panels and amalgamating them with the power and flexibility of the honeycomb panel, we have created lightweight honeycomb wall panels that provide a countless number of benefits, including:

  • • Color is opposed to fading, staining or being damaged by the sun/weather
  • • Impact resistant
  • • Lightweight, hassle free to install system entails no extra reinforcement of existing structure
  • • Waterproof, so honeycomb panel will not tarnish or decay
  • • Fire and heatproof
  • • Suitable for use in any type of weather—even the most extremes
  • • Appears similar to real brick

Applications of Lightweight Brick Honeycomb Panels

King Nestle International Co. LTD's lightweight brick veneer panels can be used absolutely anywhere you want to achieve the stylish look of real brick. As the panels are less than 25mm thick and weigh only a fraction of solid bricks, they can be used to offer the same look in a much less space. They are customizable and are available in sizes up to 4x8', so you can utilize them for exterior cladding, interior walls, even around the fireplace.

Architects, designers and homeowners are keen on using them for the amazing look they provide, while construction companies give a favor to them for the hassle-free installation process. Not available anywhere else, contact King Nestle International Co. LTD today to achieve the look you want, thanks to any of our lightweight stone or brick panels.

Benefits Over Traditional Brick

Compared to the time it takes to install normal brick, our lightweight marble wall panels offer superior speed and convenience. In addition to that, they can also assist in cutting down installation costs, whilst still offering enhanced strength and versatility. Other amazing benefits over traditional bricks are as follows-

  • • 60 times more powerful impact strength than 3CM granite. The honeycomb backing improves strength and prevents the panels from breaching even under the most farthest conditions.
  • • Weighs 70% less than dimensional brick (4.7lbs/ft2 vs. 22lbs/ft2)
  • • Distinctive options for a range of returns and corners
  • • Panels are really very hassle free to handle and set up. Only fewer men are required to set up more number of panels in a shorter frame of time.
  • • Abridged weight makes them less costly to transport and also requires lesser raw material to bring into being.
  • • High resistance to dampness.
  • • Excellent thermal conductivity.
  • • High resistance to deterioration, non-combustible and are also very good at sound absorption.
  • • Thoroughly tested for acid freeze/thaw and seismic racking.
  • • Flexibility is the primary reason for making a perfect choice for seismic areas.
  • • Great flexural strength enables for larger panel sizes and high-wind load capacities.
  • • Panels can help contribute to LEED/GREEN certification

Product Details

King Nestle International Co. LTD's aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels are designed to enable optimal airflow through the perforations, making them a first-rate choice for air vents, return air grids and the like. Sandwiched in between two rock-hard pieces of sheet aluminum is the honeycomb structure that gives the strength to these panels nonetheless the multiple holes going direct through it. As a matter of fact, the holes are huge and numerous enough to make our aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels suitable for use as dimming mechanisms for hallway or office security lights.

Advantages of Our Aluminum Honeycomb Perforated Ceiling Panels

King Nestle International Co. LTD 's lightweight ceiling panels not only look great and are made to last, but they also provide many additional benefits over your traditional panels, including-

  • • Better durability
  • • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • • Waterproof
  • • Better-quality sound barrier
  • • Better insulating
  • • Fire resistant
  • • Undemanding to install

Why King Nestle International Co. LTD ?

At King Nestle International Co. LTD , we deal with your needs to heart before embarking on production and our team of professionals will take care of your project with the extreme care, while still always delivering the finished products on a timely basis. Our state-of-the-art facility facilitates us to take care of any size job and we can customize your aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels to be virtually any dimensions you could need.

Our ceiling panels are also largely affordable and we do offer exclusive rates on larger orders. We are aware of the fantastic uses of aluminum and know how to deploy it to the most helpful purposes to deliver you the finest quality, custom manufactured products available. Being at the cutting-edge of aluminum honeycomb technology, we have the skills, tools and knowledge to carry out the job correctly, and a reputation for excellence and customer service to back it up. So whether you are looking for lightweight stone panels, countertops, flooring, or ceiling panels, get in touch with us to see just what we can offer you.

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