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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels - King Nestle

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

King Nestle International Co. LTD is at the cutting-edge of designing and developing aluminum honeycomb panels, which we subsequently use to create a vast range of awe-inspiring stone panels, tabletops and floors for almost every use you can think of. Our lightweight stone panels are the ticket for people who are looking for the appearance and elegance of natural stones, but without the hassle and concerns that typically go together with it. By simply using a slight piece of stone veneer, we can cut down the weight of the completed product and make it that much easier to ship and set up.

Nevertheless, what really sets King Nestle International Co. LTD 's stone products apart is the high-class aluminum honeycomb panels, as this is what gives our products their far-fetched tensile and shear force and makes them more than sixty times more impact resistant than solid stone. This innovative technology is really space age and was first developed for rockets and space ships, as a way to deliver the highest possible power whilst using as little and light of stuffs as possible.

How Our Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Are Constructed?

King Nestle International Co. LTD's lightweight stone panels are constructed to be as light as we can make them without having to compromise on structural might or reliability. We realize this by dint of the unique honeycomb design of the backing panel, which nevertheless being only 13 or 18mm in thickness—can is well-built, yet stretchy enough to deal with the high winds you get with hurricanes and the moving, shaking and crashing from earthquakes without being damaged.

By bending pieces of aluminum into an empty honeycomb pattern, we design a product that is unbelievably hardwearing and can even be bent to fit comfortably around columns , walls and other curved surfaces. However, the interior of the panel is somewhat hollow, the bottom is covered with a thin sheet of waterproof aluminum to assist in preventing rust and corrosion and keep the panel in a great shape for years to come.

On top of the aluminum honeycomb panels, we can then glue a broad selection of diverse natural and manmade stones, from the ever-trendy marble and granite to more exceptional choices such as limestone, sandstone cladding panels, onyx or durable manmade quartz. We use high quality, industrial strength glue and apply it using a plenty of heat and pressure to resolve a picture-perfect, airtight bond between the two pieces. Our entire aluminum honeycomb panels as well as sandstone cladding panels are the ticket for any number of interior and exterior uses and available in a huge range of colors and finishes to fit virtually any style. So get in touch with us today to ensure what makes our lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels as well as sandstone cladding panels so extraordinary. After witnessing the far-fetched difference, you will be pleased about what you did.

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